PDFs of court transcripts

PDF One, and Two, combine to form the initinal depositions entitled Motions to Suppress, initial depositions by the police officers.

Three piece, and Four piece, together form the "Voiredare" transcripts.

Five are transcripts related to jury selection.

Six is pening statements.

Files seven, eight and nine comprise the state's case.

File ten is the defense case, and eleven is Maye's testimony.

The state's case.

Twelve is closing arguments, and thirteen is sentencing.

PDF copies of documents from the court and police files

Warrant on "Persons Unknown" referred to address of Maye's residence.

Warrant on Smith's residence.

Affidavit for Maye's residence.

Affidavit for Smith's residence.

Details of Maye's residence.

Details of Smith's residence.

Evidence sheet on Maye.

Evidence sheet on Smith.

Autopsy report

Crime Lab report

New trial motion by Cooper

New trial motion by Evans, amended, amended again